alternative to bocci lighting

Pendant lighting collection used in entryway chandeliers, foyer lighting, stairwell lighting, dining room, kitchen islands. These Beautiful designs are suitable for Medium to Large entry foyer stairwell or any 2 story home lobby etc… Custom sizes and colors of These modern pendant lighting available for residential, commercial, home, restaurants,hotels and Lobby. All our In stock or Custom orders of entryway chandeliers, foyer lighting, stairwell Lighting are carefully prepared and all parts are individually selected and finally supervised by our Canadian Designer using the finest quality finish & craftsmanship. Our specialists combine longstanding design techniques with skillful application and artistry. The end results are high-end custom products with unique modern lighting flair and unmatched quality.

For over 10 years, Premiere Luminaire has offered custom chandelier designs with high end and luxury lighting solutions that add brilliance to your environment. Passionate about our craft we ensure high end products that are unparalleled in quality and design.


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